Magma Onsen

Magma Onsen is made from the waters of the famous Umijgoku onsen (hot spring) located in Beppu, Japan which you can see in the photo has turquoise water from geothermal hot springs.

This bath salt formula was one of the most popular bath products in Japan. Japanese women, and even men, rave about it’s ability to smooth and soften the skin as well as provide a relaxing, soothing soak. A special blend of perfumes and fragrances are added to enhance relaxation and engage the senses. It has a fresh, clean scent and contains potassium, magnesium and other volcanic minerals from the 1200 year old therapeutic hot springs in Japan.

In Beppu, soakers use the hot springs for “medical purposes” as well as relaxation. At the famed Beppu Research Institute, arthritis and rheumatism sufferers experience temporary relief from aching joints while soaking. Magma Onsen helps to maintain the acid/alkaline balance of the skin with a ph of 7.5 to 8.5 while providing a deeper relaxation to over-worked, stressed, and tired muscles and joints. It’s safe for hot tub filtration and plumbing systems and can be used in either hot tub, spa or bath tub.

* * *
If you loved Magma Onsen Beppu which is no longer available to the US market, you’ll find that Medicine Springs formulas are even better and longer lasting. And, unlike Magma Onsen Beppu, they’re made with no scents, coloring agents or fillers.