Brenda Price

Things happen as we go through life.  Some things are better than others, but the one thing that attacks 1 in 5 of us is Arthritis.  We really have no choice but to make the best of what we are dealt.  My hands are particularly hard hit by this disease and it has been deforming and painful.  On a road trip to Alaska a few years ago, we stopped at a hot springs resort outside of Fairbanks.  An amazing thing happened while we were swimming in this natural hot water.  I could close my fingers and the pain was significantly less than before.  What a relief!   We began to go to various hot springs around the world and found that some were more effective for my arthritis and some were more effective for my husband’s skin condition.  We were amazed and became true believers in the power of the minerals in the springs to help us.  We must be honest, not every spring is alike and not every spring gave us relief.  This is the glory of Medicine Springs.  They have taken the chemical composition of those worldwide springs that are known to be effective for certain conditions and re-created this formula so that we can enjoy the relief at home.   This is an amazing product and I am sure a lot of people are going to agree with me.  Nature is amazing, and so are Medicine Springs products.


Julie Price

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