Hot Spring history is laden with stories of sacred ground and shrouded in the mystery of these mineral rich water***

With various hot springs dotting the globe, they have had a major impact on the sculpting of human civilization.  Many a community or camp was set up beside these healing waters.  They provided welcome warmth from the elements which these ancient human civilizations had to endure.  The mineral rich environment formed from these hot waters dissolving minerals deep in the earths crust and delivering them to the surface.  In a civilization where proper nutrition was difficult to come by, these minerals pools provided a source of minerals which was not easy to find elsewhere.  Similar in todays world where our foods have to be fortified with minerals because the soils are depleted, these same mineral pools are once again serving their historical purpose.  While actual medical studies are limited and rare, the legends that precede these springs is undeniable.  Medicine Springs has set out to capture these legendary springs and package them.  Although you may not be an ancient warrior roaming a primitive planet, you are the ancestor of those vary warriors!  This is for you!  Enjoy!  Soak it up!  Fight on and let the world be your oyster!  Feel free to stand beside your bath tub with your spear and loin cloth and howl into the ceiling fan!  Because you my friends, all have an ancient inner warrior waiting for a Medicine Springs soak to come out!  **note**  Please do not come out of the bathroom with your spear and loin cloth as the reaction my harm your personal opinion of what you believe you look like! 🙂