Harnessing the Geothermal Healing Powers of Mother Nature

Did You Know?

Hot springs form when geothermally heated water rises from the Earth’s crust to the surface, carrying dissolved minerals with it. The history of hot springs is laden with the folklore of sacred ground and mystical healing pools. While the hot spring experience may include a bit of Mother Earth magic, we now have more scientific information behind the formation of these pools, in addition to the undeniable health benefits of soaking in them.

Ancient human civilizations once embarked on epic journeys to find and make camp around these healing waters. When located, the hot springs would provide a welcome warmth and recovery from harsh natural elements.

Fast forward to modern times, when vitamin supplements are routine, in part, due to soil depletion and environmental factors. While the modern-day journey to locate these fortified mineral pools may be less treacherous, the results are equally undeniable. Medicine Springs has set out to capture these legendary springs and bring them (and a bit of Mother Earth magic) to your bathtub or hot tub.

SIDE NOTE: Our Medicine Springs products may induce feelings of intense relaxation and rejuvenation and may even unleash your inner Earth warrior. Howl at the ceiling fan. Dance in your birthday suit. Own this experience. You are a powerful being who deserves to treat yourself with Medicine Springs.