Medicine Springs spawned from a necessity several years ago. Brandon’s Mom Brenda has painful arthritis and cannot close her hands. On a vacation Brenda was sitting in a geothermal mineral hot spring and noticed she could close her hands and the pain was gone! It was not a cure but provided welcome relief. Very excited about how these natural mineral springs provided such relief, she mentioned on her return that she wished she could put that water in her hot tub and bathtub. As a former high school science teacher Brandon thought this was something he could do! This began the quest to bring this relief home and Medicine Springs was born. Brandon and his wife Julie took chemical analysis of the most healing natural springs to be found around in the world. They  brought these results home, removed the water, separated the compounds, isolated the reactions and packaged it. This allows anybody to turn his or her bathtub or hot tub into a world famous healing mineral spring! Through their analysis and research they learned these springs have been used for their healing properties for thousands of years, but up until now the power of these springs has never been harnessed. They learned of the multiple conditions helped by these springs and created 3 varieties of Medicine Springs. They started with springs know to help Arthritis and used them to make a blend called “Joint”. They then went on and created soak based on the Blue Lagoon of Iceland which is famous for helping Eczema, Psoriasis, and acne.  They called this one“skin”. The final blend created was one for soreness, fatigue, and muscle recovery based on springs the warriors used to travel to after battle to heal the ailments of war, which they called “sport”.  They are extremely proud of what they have created and believe this is an opportunity to help others the way this helped Brandon’s mom.
* * *
They originally did not intend to sell this, but after giving it away at race for the cure and to several wounded warriors, and seeing the results, we knew we needed to get this out there for others to use! Medicine Springs is the only company in the world to “Harness the Geothermal Healing Powers of Mother Nature”.