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Hot Springs World Tour USA and Asia-Hot Tub




Hot Tub World Tour USA and Asia

Let the steam wrap around you like a silk robe, Following Japanese Onsen tradition, clothing is not allowed between you and the healing mineral water!  Continue your naked tour as you venture further into asian cultures and traditions while you “paotang” (mandarin for soak) in China!  Once again, clothing is not allowed and it is encouraged to heat up and cool down in sessions!  Remember not to show off your birdie suit to the entire neighborhood! :). Traveling across the pond, you find the “elder pools” of the Ring of Fire!  Sought out for their benefits to joints and arthritis, they are rich in transdermal magnesium and bicarbonate!  Perfect for keeping you moving toward the final destination on the tour, the Bahamas Fountain of Youth!  Harness your inner explorer as you follow in the footsteps of Ponce De Leon!  Hot springs rich in minerals including Lithium, often called the happy mineral for its benefits to the brain and nervous system!  Soak up your serotonin while you relax and dream up your next adventure!  Grab your old travel box covered in travel stamps and lets dream up where we are going next!

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