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Japanese Onsen – 2 Bath Soaks




Japanese Onsen – 2 Bath Soaks

Japanese Onsen are steeped in history and tradition.  The mineral rich waters heated deep in the tectonic plates which formed Mount Fuji, these hot springs etched the direction of Japanese culture for millennia. Legends of the ancient Samurai healing their wounds after battle and the wise elders soothing their joints in the magnesium rich waters abound in this region.  Mineral compositions vary as widely as the stories of the samurai’s sword; however, it is well understood the minerals contained in these waters are nothing short of magical.  Relax and absorb these minerals and traditions!  Let the ancient ancestors help your body and soul to rejuvenate!

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Weight 21 oz
Dimensions 6.75 × 3.5 × 11.25 in


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